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Who can join ULSAC?

We are open to everyone joining as affiliated members of our club with a passion for discovering the underwater world. However, because all of our instructors are volunteering members of the club we do have a limitation on training and resources available so a preference is typically given to committed members of the UL community.

How do I join ULSAC?

Step 1: Pre-register online at UL Wolves here (

Step 2: Come say hello to our members at the UL C&S Recruitment Drive which usually takes place week 1 of each semester in the UL Arena. (Note: if you can’t make the recruitment drive make sure you send us a message via Instagram, Facebook, or Email as you don’t want to miss out on our Newbies Intro Night or the pool training schedule)

Step 3: Stay tuned to your Email and WhatsApp for announcements on times and dates of Newbies Intro Night.

Most of our recruitment begins early in the first academic semester at the C&S Recruitment Drive. If you can’t make this event not to worry - be sure to pop us a message and we can advise on how best to get started.


Our Newbies Intro Night is there for you to meet existing and other new members of ULSAC. On the night we will have a brief presentation on what you will need to do next to start your snorkelling, scuba or underwater hockey journey. The following topics are typically covered:

  • Membership Fees
  • Medical & Insurance information
  • Snorkelling & SCUBA training schedule
  • Committee introduction
  • Underwater Hockey
  • Info on Trips at home & abroad
  • Swim fitness assessment
  • Qualification crossovers

ULSAC provides all equipment for initial pool training with a sufficient supply of equipment in a variety of sizes. We do encourage members to purchase their own booties, fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit once they are familiar with the initial aspects of dive training, understand the equipment and are getting ready for open water diving and snorkelling. The club maintains a number of sets of regulators, BCDs and tanks along with compressors for common use.

There are a few initial costs associated with getting started. We’ve tried to outline these below but if you need any further information please just ask some of our members at the recruitment drive.

Club Membership Fee: €20 UL Student, €40 UL Staff/Alumni, €40 External

Dive Medical: €30 w/ club GP or alternatively you can use your own GP.

Diving Ireland Insurance & Membership Fees: €55 Student, €110 Non-Student

Logbook: €30

Every member must complete a swim fitness assessment annually. This involves:

  1. Swim 200 metres freestyle without stopping
  2. Swim 50 metres backstroke without stopping
  3. Hold breath underwater for 30 seconds within 5 minutes of a and b above

Every member must satisfy and hold a valid dive medical for insurance purposes before using SCUBA equipment. This is typically completed on initially joining a Diving Ireland club. The club’s Diving Officer will discuss this further at the Newbie Intro Night but it is all relatively straight forward.

If you possess a CMAS/CFT qualification then no additional training is required. Our Diving Officer can cross your qualification over directly.

If you hold a qualification from PADI/BSAC/NAUI/SSI or another organisation you will need to follow a cross-over process which involves a basic pool assessment and a couple short lectures, depending on the type of qualification you possess. Our training officer can advise you further on the necessary cross-over requirements.

For Underwater Hockey only members you will be required to complete a swim test. All members are required to complete a swim test annually.

A valid dive medical is only required for those members using SCUBA equipment.

For Underwater Hockey training specific information and questions please feel free to discuss with our UWH officer and committee members.

Typically your maximum depth depends on your diving qualification. As a beginner you will not exceed 25 meters and be accompanied with an instructor at all times. As you progress in ability and comfort in the water you may progress onto a Club Diver qualification which allows you to dive autonomously with a buddy to 30meters depth. It can be good to acknowledge that although depth is an achievable target and many wish to experience depth some of the most exciting dives happen in the 15meter range as this is where most marine life thrive and the temperate Irish waters are at their most comfortable temperature.


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